"Riddell’s great strength is his positive view of human existence."
- Capital Times

Ron Riddell

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Planet Haiku by Ron Riddellplanet-haiku

My new collection of short poetry has been about five to six years in the making, following my first sustained attempts at haiku writing in late 2001, early 2002. Writing haiku is a very exacting discipline and I have learned a lot about the challenges of the "process" over the last few years.

The book has an introduction by my old friend, Denys Trussell, writer, raconteur, conservationist, poet and musician. It also has an afterword, by my friend and colleague, Ban'ya Natsuiashi, who is founder and director of the World Haiku Association. I am honoured that their fine words are able to accompany the texts of the haiku.

The book itself spans the years 2002-2008, during which time I have attended many international poetry festivals in different parts of the world.

The sequences of haiku in the book track the various journeys I made to attend these festivals. They are, in many ways, echos of the joys of these wonderful poetic experiences. But they are more than this also and if you want to find out more, please watch this space or send me a message.