"Riddell’s great strength is his positive view of human existence."
- Capital Times

Ron Riddell

A selection of publications by Ron Riddell are now available for purchase on the site.

Leaves of Light PDF Print E-mail

Leaves of Light is a fresh, lively and lyrical collection of poems,
which celebrates the natural world.leavesoflight
It also deals with themes of oppression and exile; encouraging a peaceful approach to such human challenges and injustices.
Moving, fresh, honest and sincere. A stunning book of poetry by well-known author Ron Riddell with accompanying translation in Spanish.

ISBN: 0-9766087-6-6
Price: NZ$22.99

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Azul Amarillo PDF Print E-mail

Azul amarillo (Blue Yellow) by Ron Riddellazul

The first Selected Poems (1973 - 2006) by a New Zealand author to be published in Spain.
This is a book full of the colour of the natural world of New Zealand and its abundance of rivers, mountains, seals and penguins. In celebration of the songs of birds and flowers, the poetry of Ron Riddell rekindles a spirit of devotion for the natural world and for thoughtful contemplation. The extensive bibliography of this poet, which includes such significant titles as Breathing Space (1986) and El Milagro de Medellín (2002), covers a stylistic range that is reflected in the best of contemporary poetry. This is poetry to be read in front of a still pool in the river or in the shade of an ancient tree. Azul amarillo is published in a handsome bi-lingual Spanish - English edition. This is the first book by Ron Riddell to be published in Spain. It is a book to be seen by the ears and heard by the eyes. No reader will regret the journey through these beautiful lines.

This new bi-lingual collection was launched at Pataka Museum, Porirua, New Zealand by Rolando Olmedo in September 2007. Readings in English and Spanish were made to the accompaniment of music by Bryan James. Ron Riddell then went on to answer questions from the audience and discuss his book.

ISBN 978-84-7785-785-3

$NZ 30.00



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