"Riddell’s great strength is his positive view of human existence."
- Capital Times

Ron Riddell

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A collection of poems



ISBN: 978-958-8466-05-7

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New Bread

after Roque Dalton

the poem is

new bread

new voice

of blood, transfused



by faith

in what sustains

the otherwise



El Salvador, 2005


For My Brother


After so many distances

solitudes and silences

after so many journeys

deaths, losses


After so many sojourns

seas, shores of exile

forgone farewells

and nil responses

I remove myself

from familiar ground

to where I’m rootless

with no past nor name


that I may speak

to you, truly, kindly

from an inner state

which resonates


with the midnight

cooing of a morepork

patient, timeless

calling from the deep





Sometimes it’s good to stop thinking

                        it’s good to stop talking

                        it’s good to stop acting

                        it’s good to stop playing


Sometimes it’s good to stop doing

                       it’s good to stop wooing

                       it’s good to stop cringing

                       it’s good to stop whinging


Sometimes it’s good to stop


and watch the leaves

outside the window

gently waving

in the wind