"Riddell’s great strength is his positive view of human existence."
- Capital Times

Ron Riddell

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To a Faithful friend PDF Print E-mail

for David Friedlander


On a sunny day you come to say goodbye

with a wan look but a cheery eye.


You ask to open the door to the garden

so full of birds, butterflies, bees and


radiance of October  blossom

it’s hard to contain a smile or tear.


“So lovely,” you say, “to see the garden again.”

And those blue-green birds between


The kowhai and the bottlebrush?

“Tuis,” you say, without even looking.


Savouring the lightfulness of spring

and the promise of a bumper summer

we laugh and while the day away

for a moment pause, sit back, reflect:

what better testament at journey’s end –

to have been a kind and constant friend.