"Riddell’s great strength is his positive view of human existence."
- Capital Times

Ron Riddell

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This is not only a novel you cannot put down; at the same time it is a book about the perennial human quest for peace, both inwardly and outwardly. The monk-adventurer Bakshi, who is the main character and the Guardian of the Shield, must work tirelessly with friends and enemies alike toward this goal. He uses the Shield to protect himself and his friends and further their cause. The Shield itself is not just a talisman; it is a transcendent power representing all that is good and sacred in the human being and how these qualities are conceived, borne and sustained. It is a journey of danger, war and hardship; all of which he must transcend if he is to achieve his goal. It is a trans-genre book of transformational power, designed to make a difference, which celebrates the resilience and triumph of the human spirit.

This book ticks the boxes: self help, new age, spiritual, peace work, fantasy, novel, fantasy, metaphysics and transformation. Superbly crafted by master story-teller and poet, Ron Riddell, this book is an ageless inspiration, suitable for children of ten to grandparents of eighty. It would appeal to the middle-aged baby boomers in between; all those may still be seeking for meaning, purpose and peace in their lives.

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 A List of Priciple Characters

Bakshi – The principal protagonist; the monk-adventurer and guardian of the shield of the community at the monastic centre called the Sanctuary.

Dupara – Bakshi’s spiritual mentor and the previous guardian of the shield.

Lucan – A fellow monk at the Sanctuary; ambitious and embittered; envious of Bakshi and covetous of the shield.

Imelia – Lucan’s brother; comes to the Sanctuary as a pilgrim yet is plotting with Lucan. She makes a play for Bakshi in order to distract him so that she and Lucan can steal the shield.

Horza & Megedoh – Warlords of the Badlands, a notorious war zone. They are both vying to capture the shield, so that they can use it to their own destructive ends.

Merca – A young nun at the Sanctuary Centre in the kingdom of Horza. She nurses Bakshi back to health and helps him in his efforts to recover the shield.

Soledad – An older woman; a seer who is the proprietor of a prayer shop in the City of the Holy Mountain. She helps Bakshi too see his true destiny path; to believe in himself and his work.

Nilje – A wise old man, who is the leader of a peace community that has been devastated many times by war.

Poldo – Poldo is the peace community leader and director of the Light Centre in the City of the Holy Mountain. He becomes Bakshi’s best friend. His role is pivotal in the resolving of the shield issues and the setting up of the Peace Summit.


"This is a winner, a rich read with universal appeal and a pace that doesn't slacken."

- Bob Harvey

"This book is written in a timeless semi-mystical style that is somewhere between reality and legend, in which spiritual insights are revealed. The major appeal of the writing is in its poetic feeling and description weaving together beauty, truth and goodness. This is what makes the reader pause, slow down to savour and reflect upon what is being said. In fact one does not want to finish the book, but rather make it last as long as possible."

- Laurie Ross