"Riddell’s great strength is his positive view of human existence."
- Capital Times

Ron Riddell

A selection of publications by Ron Riddell are now available for purchase on the site.

To a Faithful friend PDF Print E-mail

for David Friedlander


On a sunny day you come to say goodbye

with a wan look but a cheery eye.


You ask to open the door to the garden

so full of birds, butterflies, bees and


radiance of October  blossom

it’s hard to contain a smile or tear.


“So lovely,” you say, “to see the garden again.”

And those blue-green birds between


The kowhai and the bottlebrush?

“Tuis,” you say, without even looking.


Savouring the lightfulness of spring

and the promise of a bumper summer

we laugh and while the day away

for a moment pause, sit back, reflect:

what better testament at journey’s end –

to have been a kind and constant friend.

Salón de la Poesía PDF Print E-mail

Salón VIP de Tequila Herradura, planta alta, Expo Guadalajara

17:30 a 18:20

Participa: Ron Riddell
Presenta: Rogelio Guedea

Para más información: Contacte a Daniela Ascencio al teléfono: (52 33) 3810-0331 ext. 937 o al correo electrónico This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Book Launch Invitation PDF Print E-mail

children in the rain

Ron Riddell and Saray Torres invite you to join them at the next gathering of The Titirangi Poets, for the launch of their new haiku and poetry collection, Children in the rain, which has just been published by Printable Reality.

It's a super little tome; there should be one in every home!

Date: Saturday October 11

Time: 2:00 - 4:00pm

Place: Titirangi Library - 500 South Titirangi Rd.



An Empty House in Titirangi PDF Print E-mail

for my parents

Empty rooms admit the light –

at the windows leaves abide

curious, alert, intent.

The people have passed on

leaving faint, whispered echoes

in the gently swaying air.

The people have passed on

but not the ferns, flowers:

magnolia, bougainvillea, manuka.

The people have passed on

but not the shrubbery, trees:

kauri, rimu, golden elm.

From the driveway entrance

through the canopy of leaves

the western sun peeps in

his lustrous fingers drawing back

the curtains, populating

the house once more.

At Kaka Point PDF Print E-mail

for Hone Tuwhare

A sign on the blistered door reads

E hoa, please don’t disturb me!

There is only the sound of surf

and flax-bush rustling darkly.

The scene is sepia – the dry-as-bone

tones of South Otago.

Only the cold moves – blue

fingers numbed by ocean.

Nothing stirs without, within

but sudden shifts of the wind.

The voice of the Point speaks in

vowels of iron, consonants of rain.

Under lamplight fishermen strive

to mend the nets before the tide.

They vow the ties will hold

though seas revolve to rend them.

Nearby stands the empty crib

a note still flapping in the wind


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